Eddie Vedder has opened up about Pearl Jam’s recent health struggles, forcing them to cancel a series of European shows last week.

During the encore of the band’s Barcelona show, Vedder described the band’s “frightening” illness. “Can I just say that the last week, it almost felt like a near-death experience,” Vedder said. “It was very uncomfortable, and it got frightening. It felt like chest bronchitis. It felt like maybe you couldn’t breathe, and maybe you wouldn’t make it through the night, and maybe you’d have to go to the hospital.”

Vedder continued, “You just realize how precious this life is. How lucky we are to have been living on a planet where we can go around and play to incredible people like the people in this room here tonight. So, it was a poignant experience. I won’t be forgetting it anytime soon. And we won’t be forgetting tonight anytime soon.”