The Killers have received not one, but TWO Guinness World Records for their smash hit “Mr. Brightside”.

The song gained two titles after spending an unrivaled amount of time on the UK charts.  With a total of 416 weeks as of 4 July, “Mr Brightside” has the longest stay on UK singles chart by a group and the most cumulative weeks on UK singles chart (one song). That’s nearly eight whole years!

When Guinness World Records presented the band with the awards, Brandon Flowers told them they’ll never get bored of playing the track because “It’s infectious still to us, I know some people can’t wrap their head around it but you’ll see the response [when you see it live]. It’s tough not to be touched by it or be excited by it and there’s going to be people tonight who’ve never seen it live, there’ll be some people who’ve seen it 45 times. And we just don’t get tired of it.”